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​​​TVSC Khalsa School (ਖਾਲਸਾ ਸਕੂਲ)

2089 N Livermore Ave, Livermore, CA 94551


Mission Statement

"The mission of TVSC Khalsa School is to impart knowledge of the Sikh way of life and realize the rich Sikh heritage."

Curriculum Objectives

The mission is accomplished in three ways:

Knowledge of Punjabi and Gurmukhi script is provided through Punjabi program.

Knowledge of Sikh History and Gurbani is provided through a systematic Gurmat program.

Knowledge of Sikh musical tradition is provided through a Kirtan program

Sikh way of life is demonstrated through Gurmat Camps, community service, and Gurdwara activities

Punjabi Curriculum

The main Objective of Punjabi Curriculum is to enable the students to read the Sikh scriptures, in particular Sri Guru Granth Sahib. A secondary objective is to develop Punjabi literacy skills and bring awareness of the rich cultural heritage in the youth and instill pride in their Sikh identity.

Gurmat Curriculum

The main objective of the Gurmat program is to impart knowledge of the Sikh values through teaching of the Sikh history and Gurbani.

Keeping these goals in mind, the Khalsa School San Jose Curriculum has been developed into a comprehensive documentation that includes instruction in the fields of reading, writing, amd speaking Punjabi, memorization of Gurbani, and instructions in other important aspects of Sikh History. The students progress through various levels of instruction.

There are seven levels of instructions in Punjabi and Gurmat programs. Each level focuses on a number of concepts to be mastered by each student.

When the students graduate from Khalsa School, they will be able to:

Demonstrate the knowledge of Sikh way of life

Read Punjabi and Gurbani 

Write Punjabi with ease

Speak Punjabi in social settings